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Q: how to slove the Tablet RAM insufficient ?
A:This is the tablet to run some of the problems of memory RAM.Tablet memory, for running ram curing on the main board of a Tablet, can not be extended, and the fuselage storage ROM memory, extended memory SD card, mobile phone default store order memory according to the memory to run, the fuselage were stored, but to storage to the SD card is the need to manually set, which is why the Tablet memory and space, but still hint of memory.Tablet use for a long time, especially online to see the video, it will produce a lot of cache, cache can not automatically disappear, a long time formed a lot of garbage; software installation, will occupy a lot of memory, caused by the lack of tablet memory, only solution to clean:
1, out of the media storage folder, the photos, video transfer to the SD card or computer;
2, has seen no longer save the value of the document, to delete the delete;
3, clean up the memory. Download and install the tablet management software, the cache, system, uninstall residues to achieve further cleanup;
4, software management. Software installation is too much, need to uninstall the software is not commonly used to clean up, release the memory, the occupation of memory is too large software, the software can be used by mobile assistant "move to the SD card", the release of memory space;
5, the tablet browser settings, download the location to save to SD card;
6, into the camera, the camera interface to enter the camera settings, the photo storage bit is set to the SD card".Of course, the most thorough cleaning method is: do a good job of tablet backup, reset the tablet, restore the factory settings.
Q: how to know the battery charging full ?
A:1: turn off tablet .
  2: contact the charger adapter. keep charging 5 hours . battery can be full 
  3: turn on tablet and test the battery .
  Because of the new product. The battery needs a full charge mode .Please follow the instructions once.
Q:How to reset factory ?
A:settings ---Backup&reset ---Factory data reset ---Reset tablet

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