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Chinese tablet shipments rose against the trend in the first quarter
On the news side, Canalys reported that in the first quarter, the shipment of personal computers (desktops, laptops and workstations) in Chinese Mainland fell 24% year on year to 8.9 million units. After the reopening, commercial activities have recovered, but businesses and consumers' spending on computers remains conservative. The shipment volume of desktop computers (including desktop workstations) decreased by 28% to 2.8 million units, while the shipment volume of laptops (including mobile workstations) decreased by 22% to 6.1 million units. Tablet shipments rose against the trend, with a year-on-year increase of 38% in total shipments to 6.5 million units. The shipment volume in the commercial market decreased by 27% year-on-year, with particularly weak demand from small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the shipment volume in the consumer market has slightly improved, it still significantly decreased by 21% year-on-year.
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