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How much do the mainstream children's tablets know? BDF has launched a children's transfer tablet computer

Recently, I heard many parents complain: "Although the children are small and have not spoken all yet, the adults'mobile phones, tablets and computers are very familiar with it." Concerned about electronic products hurting children's eyes, and worried about bad information on the Internet to teach children bad, want to confiscate the tablet computer, but found that confiscated electronic products, children lack the same learning tools, they do not have time to teach, time to teach, a lot of knowledge has been returned to teachers. It's not for her / him to play, nor for him to play! "
However, we all deeply understand that in this electronic information age, our life learning is because electronic products get more information knowledge and cultural enjoyment, not limited to books; we must admit that our life depends on electronic products and broad vision, after all, you know the humanities online, browse the world. Industry information, when purchasing colorful products, you complain about the fatigue of your computer tablet, but you are happy.
We can talk about countless shortcomings of electronic products, but we have to admit that in the future, our children's life and learning are also surrounded by electronic products. Now many schools are trying to teach electronic products. Looking at this, do you still think it's right to refuse to let children touch tablets? Or thinking, "Well! It's time for me to see which child tablets are more suitable for children.
Today, here, I recommend a children's tablet for parents to give you a reference!
BDF768 children's flat .

Device parameters

       Screen:7 inch

       CPU:   Quad Core

       OS :Android 4.4



       Screen:1024*600 TFT

Reasons for recommendation

     BDF768 is mainly used by children between 3 and 6 years old. It is a big manufacturer with stable quality and regular products. The learning content is mainly driven by huanggang resources. Most of the content is developed independently and many third-party software resources are built in. There is a one-way interaction between mobile and tablet. Waterproofing is the level of sprinkling. It has eye protection.
How can the mention of "mixed blood" get away with the English language that parents are most concerned about right now? 768 provides bilingual system, which aims to create a more suitable bilingual environment for children. Children can learn English unconsciously through tablet learning and play, so that children can learn English better when they are 3-6 years old, who are most sensitive to language.

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