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How to lock your child's android tablet or smartphone for fear that he or she will rely on electronics?

Over the years, android has added more and more parental control style features. You can provide the child with his or her own restricted user account, lock access to a particular application, or limit sites that allow the child to use. Depending on which version of android you have and which device manufacturer you have, you may not have these options, or they may look a little different.

If your device is installed with Android 5.0 Lollipop or an updated version, you can "anchor" specific applications to the screen of your phone or tablet. You can then hand the Android tablet or phone to the child, who will not be able to leave the particular app until you enter the PIN code. This means that you can start the game and pin it down, deliver and know that your child will not check your email or find anything inappropriate. Or, if you want your children to use a specific education application, you can make sure they will stay in that application。

To use this feature, you need to turn on the Settings screen, select security, and then activate screen fixation under advanced. Please tell Android to ask you to provide the PIN code or unlock pattern before unlocking the fixed application. Next, open the application you can anchor, click the overview button, display the list of opened applications as CARDS, and then swipe up. Click the thumbtack in the lower right corner of the application card. To leave the stationary app, press the overview button. If you configure this option, you will be asked to enter a PIN or pattern.

Android provides restricted profiles, a feature in Android. Restricted profiles apply only to tablets, not smartphones. Using restricted profiles, you can create a special user account that can access only the specific applications and content you allow. Google added multiple user accounts to Android, but only for tablets. With Android, multiple user accounts can now be used on phones and tablets. However, restricted profiles are still available only on tablets.

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