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What changes can be made when a phone chip is put into a tablet ?

What do we do with tablets? Check out live video, watch the news, play a game, etc. What will happen to the tablet if you put a phone chip on it? Telephone communication function, 4 g network anytime and anywhere, the use of mobile phones longer standby time. Along with the increasingly rich wireless traffic card package rates more and more cost-effective, no longer do people have to live like a few years ago, a matter of counting the flow, waiting for the elevator at ordinary times, squat toilet, while waiting for the bus at hand out his phone and started to see the joke, see the weibo, watch a short video, began to all kinds of brush, cell phone battery is limited, however, in order to avoid emergencies, tablet market or some, so use tablet to brush jokes, see the weibo, see a short video and so on become the another choice.

Bdf-a706 supports the 5-mode 3G full network communication design, with dual CARDS and dual CARDS to be equipped with unlimited traffic CARDS, so that you are no longer subject to the constraints of wi-fi, geographical conditions, and other conditions, watching live, watching games, playing games, as a result of interest, competitive everywhere, unlimited traffic, free play.

DDR3 memory is paired with android 6.0 system, making it fast computing, multi-task free switching, entertainment and work. With 16GB storage, we can read books, read comics, watch movies, watch TV shows, and play 3D large-scale games. We no longer worry about insufficient storage. Powerful chip + large storage is indispensable!

Bring to enlarge the volume, putting on the quality in order to better cooperate with usage scenarios, joined the independent power amplifier IC, ensure enough outside put volume at the same time suppress the popping and hissing sound, two speakers sound cavity design, bring more stereo sound quality experience, to make every battle that enemy, make sound competitive power.

The factory provides four color collocation, let the customer's choice more. Metallic back shell, scratch-proof back shell.
Sky blue

Metallic silver

Rose pink

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